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Top-Grade MP Rotator & Rain Sensor

Expect only top-notch products from Hydro Turf, Inc., in Salinas, California. We carry all the well-known brands, whether you're looking for an MP rotator or a rain sensor.

All the First-Rate Brands

From general contractors and landscaping contractors, to do-it-yourself people and commercial property owners, we are the top choice. The list below will help you find some of the many water-conserving products available today.


• ET Managers

• Rain Sensors

• Pressure-Regulating Sprays, Valves, & Rotors


• ET System
• MP Rotators

• Rain Sensors
• Pressure-Regulated Valves
• Institutional Pressure-Regulated Sprays


• Smartline ET Controllers

• Reverse Flow Valves


• Pressure-Compensating Dripperlines with Check Valves


• Intellisense ET Controllers
• PRX Pressure-Regulating Spray Heads
• DL2000 Dripper Lines
• Pressure-Regulating Valves


• Smart Dial ET Controllers • Pressure-Regulating Valves • Rain Sensors


• ET Controllers

Contact us now in Salinas, California, for easy-to-maintain equipment like an MP rotator or a rain sensor.